Saturday, January 16, 2010


My snow boots are falling apart and thanks to certain dogs who chewed
the tops so they don't cinch closed anymore.
Ankle freeze, not so much fun.
I need new boots and it seems I need them before Monday. Shopping time.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) participants received a weather
briefing from the local National Weather Service today, January 16 at
1000 hours. Three (3) winter storms will be moving through the
Flagstaff area during this time. While earlier storms are more
predicable, the last storm is less predictable due to it being a full
7 days out in the forecast period.

1.First Storm:

Arriving Monday evening and lasting until mid-day Tuesday. Snow
levels as follows:

7000 feet: 6 – 10 inches
6000 – 7000 feet: 2 – 6 inches

Some wind will accompany this storm with gusts possible up to 35-45 mph.

2.Second Storm:

Arriving Late Tuesday night and lasting until mid-day Wednesday. Snow
levels as follows:

6500 feet: 8 – 12 inches
5500 – 6500 feet: 4 – 10 inches

Some wind will accompany this storm with gusts possible up to 35-45 mph.

3.Third Storm:

This will be the moistest and the longest duration of any previously
listed storms. Arriving Wednesday night (around midnight) and lasting
until Friday. Snow levels as follows:

Unable to predict exact or probably snow levels & amounts, however
this storm will contain lots of moisture. This storm will start off
warm and very moist. There will be widespread modest precipitation
and rainfall could occur on top of the previous snowfall resulting in
the potential for flooding. Rainfall in the Flagstaff & Williams area
could be 2 – 4 inches. Freezing will follow at the 5000 – 6000 foot
level and rain will turn to snow.

Wind will accompany this storm in the 45 – 55 mph range.

An additional briefing will be held with the National Weather Service
next week on Tuesday or Wednesday and more information will be