Thursday, November 05, 2009


I love dressing up. It's fun to be something else but not want to be someone else.
I've been part of the SCA since I was 15, and dressing up was a big part of the appeal, along the sense of history and shooting the 'bad' guys with arrows.

Nothing was more fun than a costume party dominated by SCA friends. Comfortable with looking funny and very inventive.
Not to say non SCA friends were slackers either. I remember a costume part where at least one person turned up not in costume, hung out for a few minutes, went back home and returned in something that happily passed as non normal wear. Get people excited by the idea and some great stuff happens. I remember many awesome costume parties- Faires, Moulin Rougue, I'm Batman, Raj Jah G&Ts, plus the random Aussie style Halloween ones.

Halloween here in the States is a Big Deal. Deal that is Big.
Whole stores just appear in October full of spooky stuff, from whole lawn animatronic diaromas to tiny ice cube spiders.
On Nov 1st the space once more becomes a bare brick wall.

This year we went the Geek way. SCA clothes with a few accessories. It was my idea and I must admit I got a little excited about it all.

Downtown Flagstaff closed off its streets and become Spooky Haven. It was aimed mostly for families with rides and 'gentle' scares. We caught the bus downtown and the place of full of little monsters...some of them were even in costume..boom boom.
Our costume was a little obscure. The people who got it thought it was waaaaaay cool, it people who didn't still came up to us, mentioned we looked great but what the hell where we??.....
Explaining we were from a online computer game met with more than a few blank looks.
But it was all worth it for the chuckle it gave the other nerd's eye.

I had to wear my tusks most of the night because of the potential shame of being mistaken for a Elf...pahh...
The smiting would have been a real horror to witness.

Ok for you out there that don't know we have been playing World of Warcraft for nearly 5 years, here is our inspiration.

Quest Giver
- I was a Troll
Quest Turn In - Rob was a Tauren

For The Horde