Sunday, August 30, 2009


Work has kinda exploded and imploded all at once...which is real messy, think transporter malfunction and you will be close.
Bold and the Beautiful but with real cat fights.
Like a chook with it's head in the sand I have been mostly clueless about it all. People are getting real pissed and leaving in droves. If it doesn't slow down soon I'll be one of the longest time employees there.
I wonder if I should too find out more and get righteous and smitey, instead of being a calm wimp with the mantra..'Think of the puppies....and the kitties'

Hopefully things are coming to a head and may get resolved and Happy Land will be restored, or it may all fall into a firey pit of firey lava of firey doom.
I really, really don't want to leave I love working there, which I think is one reason I'm staying distant. Don't make me cry.

I have a weight bench and punching bag set up in the tomb, which I have been pretty good at using. I better be since in the last couple of months I've packed it on.
I really like the punching bag. Very satisfying.

Heidi is doing great. We went on a great hike today with L. and the kids, through Aspens and amazing green and gold ferns, great for hide and seek. We brought Heidi and a bag to carry her in when she got tired. She bounded along and had a wonderful time. It is a bit sad to see her want to do 'big dog' things but is physically unable.
Her surgery should be soon, then she will have to learn it all with three legs.

Here is a couple of vids of Heidi and the ferrets.