Monday, July 06, 2009

From the 100 years ago section, AZ Daily Sun

Having 5 dogs in the house for teh last week has been interesting and we are finally getting into the swing of things.
We are looking after an ex foster we had back in Feb. I never would have recognized him. How quickly they grow up and change. We had him as Kodiak, now he is Romeo.
He is very cute, mostly well behaved and is dealing with Darwin and Roo being mean to him at every opportunity.

Found a new and fun 2 person game via BoardGame Geek. Sadly we have not met many people who like playing strange games, so mostly its just the two of the dark...playing Caylus or Zombies, quietly crying and wishing we had friends.
No its not all that bad, but some of the games would be better with more than two people, hence my semi regular search for good games.
I came across Blue Moon and the reviews looked promising. I ordered the basic set and two extra packs off Ebay. The two packs have turned up so far but they don't come with rules. Lucky the internet came through once again, and we have played a few games.
Each pack is a different 'race' with certain powers and special abilities in which you attempt to smite the other player as hard as you can then brag lots.
The two packs we have so far are the Mimix, your basic half naked Amazon warrior chicky babes and the Khind, small punky children, who are fairly weak on their own but are s
cary in knee kicking gangs.

There are some good reviews, but what gets me sometimes is when people decribe a certain game as 'wife approved' meaning that their non gamer woman actually will play without too much begging.
I was born a gamer girl and know many females who love to play games, so it kinda sticks in my craw, not craw..craw.....
I much prefer "non gamer approved", less of the image of the long suffering, patient woman who sumbits to the odd game of 'Hide The Artichoke" to keep her nerd man happy.
Its good fun, easy to learn and we are looking forward to the seeing the new decks.

On Thursday we are headed off the Vegas baby....forecasts of over 100F and many many geeks.
We are meeting Amanda there...have a good flight and I hope you found the Euc lollies.
Freinds from LA and Flagstaff are converging aswell.
It's The Amazing Meeting. A big skeptics do.
As long as the pool and Margaritas are believable, I'll be happy. It should be a whole lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it.