Friday, May 29, 2009


The other thing we did when Alyssa and Jessec were here was to play ID Vs Evolution. That game I bought yonks ago from Bookmans. Which in a cool round about way via Amanda got me connected with other cool Flagstaff folk. Thanks Bill for organising the Condor talk.
It was a team effort. Me and Jessec VS Rob and Alyssa. Battle royale!!
...sadly they must have had god on their side because they won. By only one stinking god made brain....I would curse them with shellfish if I thought it would do any good.

It was weird, some questions were easy.
'I take 18374793 muscles to seem like I'm happy and not gritting my teeth against stupidty. What am I?'
but then there were the bible quotes and what book they were from. If asked I could get "In the beginning..." cause I know that one and thats about it.
We got those 'Brain Teasers' far too often. Jessec had slightly more knowledge in that area than I did, but still we gave up far too many brains for my liking.
Though always pick Leviticus if you are stuck cause he seems like a right tool.
Then there were the ones which you knew what was right but fought with what was the answer they was a mindbender, an mind argument, a hint from the other side, a shrug and a hoot all at once.

' Did man and dinosuars coexsist?'
'....nooooooo but i ...must.... say ...yes get the ..points....aggrrhhh'

The things you will do for brainz

brains...i need brainzzzzz