Monday, May 04, 2009


Ever since I showed Rob this ad in the mighty 'Sedona- Journal Of Emergence' magazine he has seen the light and started to gather the ancient wisdoms that can only be gained by laughing like Dr Horrible and going 'bzzzzzt' a lot.
He won't share with me the wisdoms, only looking knowing, (or a complete dork, depending on the light) and muttering something about my walkway to ascension is blocked by non converted auric field to the merkabah which is essential to optimally integrate with the Metatronic key.

So the best bet is to wait 6 hours for the gnat to croak it or attempt the dangously eldritch cleasning of the Beer and Pizza ritual. You know how hard it is to smudge a Pizza correctly without accidently opening up all 144 dimensional portals all at once.
Talk about brain chill.

This guy channels moss.
When I start up my scam to scam the gullible scam, I'm gunna channel T-Rex, the mighty yet disgusting three toed Sloth and that flesh eating Kangaroo.
sea sand, Sea Sand, SEA SAND....
I know what Blinky Bill would say.
'Sleeping for 23 hours a day is teh bomb and eating more than one food stuff causes all those icky Thetans to grope you"

Sedona, Sedona, Sedona...i love thee. Beautiful town. Less than an hour from Flagstaff. With views like this how can you not be in love with the cold heartless universe.

The views come with one of the biggest concertrations of woo meisters this feeble plane has seen.
Mt Shasta in CA is a close contender.
(The magazine is published here in fair Flagstaff but no excuses Sedona)