Friday, April 03, 2009

Zombies...we all love them.
We all, (don't kid yourself we know you do it) walk, groove or saunter into a Mall, Theatre, Pub, Gun Show and/or Bridal Shower, instantly suss the exits, mentally work out the best on hand weapon and who has the juiciest brainz...brainzzzz for when, not if, the Zombies start the shambling.
This is why I wear comfortable shoes.

Flopeared Mule gave us Zombies years ago. We played it once or twice and then forgot it, but we still shipped it over.

Rob and I have played it twice this week and I have bought 2 expansions off ebay which should turn up soon. Its good fun and I'm not sure why we left it gathering dust. Yes it would be more fun with at least 3 players but we are lacking we play what we can get. We are slowly, slowly converting Laura and co to less than usual games. They are coping with Settlers Of Catan, Munchkin, Carcasonne, Franks Zoo and a few others.
Sam who is 8 is a born gamer, she loves playing anything and has the attention span to see most things through, J is 11 and is more flightly. I saw that in my other niece and nephew, she the younger will want to play games and keep at it, while he was a bit distracted.
But any game is a good game...except monopoly
We found 12 Minute Games by Gamewright, who have fun quick card games for 6 and up.
I know most of your little ones are a bit too little yet but worth remembering.

One of the big things I miss is the game nights we had in Sydney. Have not found anywhere near the equivalent.
I miss you guys...

Rob inna kilt