Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It is a beautiful blue sunny day, it snowed last night so everything has a cover of fresh crystals.
Rob went up the hill to shred some pow-pow leaving me to wallow in my own mucus.
Smart man.

I so rarely get sick, and this one is a doosy. I went to work on Saturday feeling good, the vet arrived feeling like death warmed up and I spent the rest of the day feeling it build up.
On Sunday Rob went to Pheonix with friends to buy stuff for our gun, did i mention we have a gunne?
Its a Flintlock, its very cool. We haven't fired it yet.
I lay on the lounge cause I could barely move watching streaming Netflix...CSI S9 (poor Warwick), Inspector Lynley (cute but shouldn't he be blonde?), Untracable (cyber crime flick, more people watch the faster they die) and L&O-SVU.....
Just a few uplifting murders to make me feel like I'm not the most pitiful person on the planet.
The 3 dogs snuggled up with me helped to.
I have the next three days on the mobile so I better get better, stat!
Enough about my feebleness.

I'm a few days late but Happy Birthday Mr D.

2 years today another Darwin entered our lives to make it better.

Been watching "The Riches" with Eddie Izzard and Mimmie Driver. Its great. Sadly only 2 seasons, but worth a watch.
I heart Eddie. Even though he is playing a yank there are moments of Cake or Death and Death Star Canteen.

Another funny little show is Mr Diety, 20, 2-5 minutes long episodes all about Mr Diety creating the world with a bit of help from Jesus/Jesse, Larry and Lucy(ifer).

Thats about it...working, watching, boarding and feeling sorry for myself.