Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Since Einstein, our new foster puppy started howling way to early this morning I thought I'd get up, hush and feed the dogs, make a cuppa and play some WOW....but noooooo stupid server maintenance until 11am. You would think with the elevently billion $$ they get a month from nerds like me it would be enough to keep the game running all the bloody time. Weatherwax was in the mood to smite some undead trolls too.

Einstein, was so named because when we got him from Cottonwood Humane to bring back, he looked very 'special' and they thought a positive name may help, and I think it has. He has a minor eye infection and a dome head. He looks very much like Tazzie our last foster except chocolate brown. He is very lively and fun and he and Roo gnaw on each other with wild abandon.
He is asleep on my lap at the moment.

Last Friday night we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters strutt their stuff. My nephew is turning 11, is as tall as me (5"6) and plays basketball so it seemed a perfect night out with his friends and family.
It was a great deal of fun. Talk about mad ball skillz.
They played the Washington Generals who have not won against them since 1971, so there was much trash talk between coachs and players, hijinx involving remote control balls, changing the score and distracting the Globetrotters with dance so to place a plastic cover over thier hoop.
They still won.
They were easily distracted by dance, which was a good thing in my eyes. They sure could move.

We are off snowboarding today.
It hasn't snowed for a while so its going to be all hard and icy up there, but the great thing about Season passes is that if it does suck we can come back early and not really wasted money.
Maybe the WOW server will be back up.