Monday, December 01, 2008


Well at least a close tie with World Of Warcraft 4 years ago from Rob, and those stuffed birds from the parentals 20 odd years ago.

Amanda, aka Flopearedmule aka younger sista send me this for my Birthday- 3rd December, in case you have a spare speedboat laying around.

Kiva- Loans That Change Lives

I got $50 to loan to people around the world to help them get started. Gawd, what a choice.
The idea, you loan the money and at some point down the track they repay you, to loan again.

What a wonderful concept. I'm planning on adding to it and doing more.

After much nail biting, tooing and froing and a glass of Chardy I chose these two loans.

Zareena M. Nazir Group

Husniya Boturova

Tell and give to your friends, better than socks for Christmas.