Sunday, December 28, 2008


Took the new boards for the first spin at Snowbowl yesterday. Glorious sunny day on the slopes.

I was not as unco as I thought I would be after nearly a year plus I was worried about my wrist cause it still hurts after 10 months. But with wrist guards and taking it easy it was fine.

It was a total hoot, I can still stand up and let gravity take its course while not stacking it too often.
My special achievment for the day was getting of the ski lift and not falling in the way of the people behind me. Not once but twice i did a perfect dismount and glided away like a pro.

I took the Flip Camcorder with me and for part of the day filmed while I boarded. Not as easy as it looks esp with moon glove fat fingers.
Was fun mucking around with it though.