Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doctor Who Knows

I saw the Dr Who Christmas Special couple of days ago, and liked it. It was silly and profound and silly and kinda sad and silly.

ohh its being 'fast tracked' to Australia on Jan 20th....
I emuled it in a day and who wouldn't if they could.

There is a post on Hoydens About Town on it.
I love the site and always will.
I seem to at loggerheads with the rest. I'm a human, female, happy, happyily married, don't take shit from anyone but I still don't see the huge issues with that episode. Its a hour or so long for gawds sake, how can every issue be solved? and yet I'm told I need a lesson in womans studies.

oh well.

Now its morning i was going to delete this cause it seemed like I'm having a unwarranted whinge and a cry in my corner. But I'll keep it up and try not to look to silly.
Hoydens is a great blog and I learn a lot from everyone there. I generally don't comment because most people have already said it better.
The Doctor Who post piqued my interest and I didn't totally agree with the take on it. I need to be hit over the head with wrongness the subletys are beyond me I'm afraid.