Sunday, March 01, 2009


The dreaded lurgy has slunk off to bother other victims and I feel mostly n0RmaL...mostly.
I lost a few pounds by not eating for a week but have been consuming vast amounts of chocolate this week to make up for it, so its all good.

Considering we are a one income family at the moment we do have a few interesting and cool things to look forward to.
Being frugal is not as fun as it looks.

March 6-9th Laura is in Albuquerque for work for 2 weeks and Mike and Rob are going boating on the Upper Salt River for 5 days with a bunch of guys.
I'm catching the train to Albuquerque with the kids to hang out for the weekend. Should be fun, I've heard good things about the zoo and various museums, plus its been a while since I caught the train and not having to drive will be nice.

March 17th- Our 8 year wedding anniversary.Woot. And a wonderful time its been.
There is a great kitchen supply store called Seasoned Kitchen and they do cooking classes. Have been to a couple and they are great fun. 8-10 people sitting around learning, eating and chatting.
We are booked for

Tuesday, March 17th
6:00 - 8:30 PM
Gay Chanler
St Patrick's Day Dinner -
Celebrate St Patrick's day with Gay and prepare a hearty, chill-chasing, classic dinner. While the Corned Beef simmers we'll practice some baking skills, including Irish Soda Bread and a Whiskey Chocolate Mousse Cake. There could also be some Black and Tan Libations with Irish Farmhouse Cheddar Crisps. So bring your shamrocks, wear some green and come prepared for a good time.

I got gift certificates for two classes for my birthday so I think this is the perfect way to use them.

April 5th- Leonard Cohen at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix. Woohooooooooo. After feeling very jealous of all the Oz folk getting to see him, I'm so glad he is coming our way.
Now I will be able to re relate to my sisters.
They are not the best seats in the house but they are seats in the house.
Its that frugal thing again.

July 9-12th The Amazing Meeting, Las Vegas. Its a big skeptic do, which sounds pretty interesting and will be alot more fun cause we have friends from LA going and Amanda, my sis is coming over for it and a visit in Flag afterwards. Its going to be hotter than hell at that time, but that why air conditioned casinos were invented for the desert. Never have to go outside....ever.

Things we are missing.
Rownay Festival and our friends Late Victorian wedding in April at Curzon Hall......curses. We were planning on visiting Oz this year but.....*sigh* frugal.
I'm all a bit sad about missing the wedding, I want photos and lots of them. We will have to find a cool pressie, probably something Navajo themed and I know a great place in the mountains with a large hole nearby for a honeymoon..hint hint...

Kodiak got adopted 10 minutes after he was put on the floor, which is awesome. Friends of Mikes saw him while he was being fostered so they were lurking in wait for the day he was ready.

Grapefruit drizzled with maple syrup is very nommy, messy and not recommended to be anywhere near a computer but nommy.