Thursday, April 16, 2009



Its been a week and a half since seeing Leonard Cohen in Phoenix. Happy me.
I've been waiting for this moment since I was 15 and was not a let down.
He was amazing. I knew he would be.
Flopearedmule best reviews eva
At 74 he had all the energy, verve and strength of voice of a ninja.
Something to be said for 5 years in a Buddhist Monastery.
The voice reverberated through your chest like a uber reverb machine set to 11.
In part of his patter to me, just me of course, no one else was in the room. Went like this
"I've spent many years studying all religions and their philosophies, but cheerfulness kept breaking through...'
And cheerful it was, no "music to die by.." here.
Phoenix review and set list

Just when you thought it all over, the last perfect song to end on, he would skip back in and sing some more. A few saps left probably thinking it was all over and racing to their car...hehe suckers.
It made my 15 year old heart and this 36 year old one all a flutter.
One strong memory I have
Staying in some pub with my parents somewhere in NSW, maybe Rylstone or Denman way.
I had a MAD special collection, thicker than the usual mags, which i was eeking out to last the time, reading a page here and there. Black Spy Vs White Spy etc.
Long before the time of iPod or even CDs, I had my own non musical brain which had to try and remember the tune.
Walking up the dark brown curved stairs of the pub singing "Suzanne' to my room.
"and jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water..."
Hearing him sing this I could see that pub, the smooth hand rail and me, trying not to read that MAD mag all at once, and singing Len to myself.

Quick camping trip recap. I got sun burnt hiking along the Verde, drove back to Flagstaff in the snow.

To say nothing of the dog

Our battered copy of Jerome K Jerome's 'Three Men In A Boat'.
First taken on a 8 day Overland Trail hike in Tasmania. Where we took turns reading it out loud and giggling.
We still giggle

Camping on the Verde River, Camp Verde, AZ

Dance me to the end of love