Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick post to say we survived our mighty trek.
Fitz and Leala came over to visit and wanted to do a camping trip, Rob said he had the perfect one. Just a jaunt down to the Little Colorado River, which feeds into the Colorado River which runs through the Grand Canyon. How hard could it be?....
There were many rocks and hard places and we were firmly in between.

The trail is called the Hopi Salt and its abloody long way to go for some condiments.
We worked out via Google Earth we hiked about 2600ft down to the river then back up again. The trail is marked by cairns and can be easy to miss as we did the first day and hiked a far more arduous course than we needed to.

It was beautiful and amazing and a real reminder that nature is boss and you don't mess around with it or take it for granted. It was all a bit humbling and next time I'll do things a little different.
Well, it was a test that's for sure. I still ache. I will write more about it but here are some photos on my Flickr, and Leala's take on the whole thing at Baggy Trousers

The dogs did great, they carried their food on their backs and only needed to be lifted up and over things a few times.