Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Heidi's leg is now totally straight and she has started to walk on the pads. They are a bit sore but they will toughen up quickly. She is a trooper. Here is some footage of her running around like a pork chop on our walk today.

Work seems to have calmed down and things are being sorted. After 3 manager types I'm the 4 longest employee there now...Its crazy. Turn over is expected in a business like this but since we lost at least 6 people in the last month its not a good look. But hopefully we can get on with the whole point of the job with less dramas.

This is up on the mesa behind our house. The San Francisco peaks are behind me. Tallest mountains in Arizona at 12000+ feet.
It really pretty and you can't see any building or roads. You do see Elk, Ravens and Rabbits boinging about.
In front of me, the land is owned by the Catholic church. They want to build a fracking huge church and school there. Bleaaak!
Its their property but really, talk about a mega eyesore. There is a meeting tomorrow night and we are planing on going to see whats its all about.
It would be a real shame and not just because its our backyard dammit.