Monday, September 28, 2009

Aspens turning

I'm writing a post about my humble take on the fear and loathing I'm seeing this country descend into but it all a bit depressing so I'll finish it later and talk about fun stuff.

Heidi got adopted by the in laws...woot!. We are very happy and she will part of out lives still.
She is becoming a ute dog. Mike has been taking her to his construction sites and she has totally settled in to the lifestyle. Rob has been working with Mike and on Friday he sent me the cutest picture of Mike on his bike and Heidi in the basket. They rode downtown for lunch and she sat in the basket happy as a happy thing.

One thing a love about living here is when we get invited to go camping Saturday morning by M&L, grab the dogs, food and sleeping bags drive half and hour and car camp amongst the pines and aspens. Its so easy and beautiful.

Heidi and her new Mum

And with views like this you can't go wrong.
Behind me are the mighty peaks all covered in patches of green and gold aspens. The landscape then turns into volcanic cinder hills, the painted desert and if you look closely, the north rim of the Grand Canyon. How super cool is that.

It was Heidi's first camping trip and she rocked. I woke up this morning, turned over and there she was curled up by my head.

F&L are coming to visit us on Saturday. Double woot. I love being tourist guide, and connecting with good friends is wonderful.
Trying to make the house vaguely respectable for them. I blame the dogs and ferrets....
It seems the the prices of flights to and from Oz are pretty damn cheap so anyone else who gets the itch to visit, love to have ya.
Also Kate and co will be visiting in Feb....Triple Woot. I can't wait. Hal just turned 15 and Snowpea will turn 12 while she is here.
Kate wanna look into cheap flights to Mexico? Chitchen Itza is calling.

I have to admit to a total crush on Jeff Goldblum at the moment...he was a bit kooky looking when he was younger but has aged very well. I think Rob has a little man crush as well.
We watched 'Raines' which he did a couple of years ago. It only went for 7 episodes, which was a shame cause it was cute. Though now is he in Law and Order so I'm getting them to eat ice cream and sigh a lot at.

Work is better. Things are calmed down but there is still issues which need to be fixed. I've been made a Lead, basically because everyone else left and I have now been there the longest. There may even be a tiny pay rise in it. We will see.