Thursday, December 10, 2009


It dawned bright, blue and sunny, and ohh sooo dazzling to my eyes I tell you.
Not having to go anywhere by car, which was good because the road wasn't plowed and we have sharp steep corners at either end of our road, which can add extra fun to the driving experience.

Instead we forged forth up the hill onto the mesa. The snow was past my knees and occasionally up to my butt.

Always a delight to watch the dogs bound, swim and burrow through it. It is so pretty, everything was clean and untouched, until we came through stumbling around and laughing.

After our walk we came home to thaw out for a hour or so, when the family came over to go sledding. They couldn't get the ute up our hill so parked it below and walked up with sleds and pizza.

We have a awesome hill right by our house so we went and threw ourselves down it for a while. A couple of times went down so fast I got brain chill from the outside in.

The dogs most favourite yet annoying game is chasing the sledder down the hill barking all the way. Good exercise for them running up and down the hill a squillion times, as well as dodging the snowballs and sleds that got thrown at them.

Little Heidi did great for her first real snow, her legs aren't very long so she gets buried and sinks. But kept up with the big dogs and people pretty well.
After we all had sledded out we retired to home for hot drinks, pizza and games.