Thursday, December 03, 2009


According to wiki 37 bc was the year that Caligula was proclaimed Emperor and made himself God. That guy knew how to party. One of my enduring images in the last 37 years was watching as a youngster (10-14 maybe?...Mum do you remember?) the BBC show ' I Claudius' (it came out in '76 i would have been 4 so probably didn't get the first showing) was the scene where Caligula cuts out his child from the womb of his sister (that image has never left my head)...ohh and the horse as senator and even then i has a crush on Derek Jacobi.
37... what else...Nero was born that dirty fiddler, and a earthquake destroyed Antioch.

The source of Fossil Creek

It is a prime number, the fifth lucky prime, the first irregular prime, the third unique prime and the third cuban prime of the form

Sounds exciting....I guess if you are into that kind of thing.
Lucky Prime is that like Optimus's slightly lamer sibling

Rubidium atomic number 37, sounds special huh?
Something that would power wormholes and cybernetics.

Rubidium is very soft and highly reactive
Rubidium is not known to be necessary for any living organisms.

Anyhoo Happy Birthday to me. I made it to another one.

It's a dogs life. Old Fossil creek dam, now waterfall

Things are all good here. Nothing dramatic to report just cruising along happily.
We went camping just before Thanksgiving for two nights. Hiked down to Fossil Creek, one of the prettiest places I been to for a while. I think its a mad house in summer but we had the whole place pretty much to ourselves, apart from the odd raccoon invading the camp.
The creek burbles out of the ground and is surprisingly not toe numbing cold.
It used to be damned but now is allowed to flow free and wild once again.

Not to give him a big head, but he is rather a large part of why life is wonderful.

My big sis Kate and family are visiting in February. Excited much...ohh yeah! It will have been 2 years since I've seen them and Snowpea will be turning 12 and Hal is 15. Its going to be sooo much fun, I may not let them leave.
We are planning on a week or so exploring the Yucatan, Mexico. I was there a few years ago with my American family and nothing beats climbing Mayan pyramids and sipping Margaritas on the beach.
Can get flights and a all inclusive beach resort for $600-$1000 per person for a week. Will avoid Cancun except for the airport and head south to the much nicer Tulum area.

Raccoon attempting Jedi mind tricks on us to step away from the backpacks full of tucker. It only made me want to go catch fish with my hands.