Thursday, November 12, 2009

or I'm making Rob's prostate exam appointment for him because I need his prostate to fulfill my sexual needs.

We saw this ad during watching the Daily Show on Hulu. Jack Black seems to be a pretty funny guy...dumb but kinda amusing.
Most of the ad was like 'yeah mammograms..good idea' wrapped up in a funnyish message.
Then came the fuked up punch line.

This bit is longer that the ad I saw but the screwed up bits are there.
Then the true message came out...
'Guys. a pledge to make a appointment for a mammogram for your wife, mother, daughter or your sister..."
Fuck thats right i can't take my own health care into my own hands....quick closest male, you yes I mean you, make that call to that doctor for that boob thing...I must go shopping.

There was another ad which I skipped..the start was something about "men for saving boobs"...blagh...i'm thinking it was part of the same campaign but 'boobs' really?...are we all 14 and behind the shed smoking, giggling and whatever else 14 years do...

ohh I found the site if you really care about booobs...cause its all I am.