Tuesday, December 08, 2009


That's what's it's called round these parts when it snows so much the schools and brothels are shut.
The schools have a certain number of days that they can close due to the snow, if they go over them then they have to make up the days and shorten the Spring break...the brothels I can't speak for...

A snow storm, nay blizzard has moved in. It has not stopped snowing all day and will continue off and on for the rest of the week. I'm very glad I had today and have tomorrow off work. Wednesday i need to go to work, see if I can get off our hill to potter through town. Our street is a loop and sharp turns at either side...can be scary when icey, but there isn't too much to hit when sliding out...one hopes.
I said this before, many many times. Snow is really really beautiful. Like the magic seductive apple...bite it and everything is sparkly and your throat get all tingly...even when sliding the car out uncontrollably down the hill, its still pretty and you yearn for it.
And silent, almost too silent.
With rain you hear the gurgle, drum, splash, erosion and thank the gods the moisture has arrived.
Here we just get the latter.
Our street has maybe 2 street lights which are orange, so normally when you go out at night its totally dark with a fairly good look at the stars. Part of the Dark Skies community.
Tonight, its 8:30pm and its like dawn out there. All the lights from the town are reflecting off the clouds turning the landscape a dull yet visionary orange ... the most quiet of post apocalyptic nights.

We shoveled the driveway 3 times today...we had no plans to go anywhere but its way easier to do it every few hours than try and move 3 foot of snow at once. And plus its fun. Yes fun, the dogs go crazy, good exercise, little if no traffic and I'd rather work in the snow than the rain any day.
Plus a central heated house and mulled wine is feet away.

More snow posts to come...you can't stop this.