Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy new year and all that...gawd a third through Jan already and what do I have to show for it....?

Good things actually.

Darwin and Roo are making out on the stairs. Ahhh doggy love we all could learn from their simple message. Which involves noses, tongues and the occasional butt.

Rob started his new job at the Uni as a computer nerd guy. Yay!
Going well so far it seems and he is right behind Bookmans- awesome used book/cd/dog friendly/coffee shop, so I can see where the first few pay cheques will go.
It is a bit weird though. We worry about the dogs being left alone all day in the house with no friends.
The first two years Rob worked from home for the Aussie company he worked for when we lived there, and the last year has been home as a long haired unemployed bum (worked for Mike as construction monkey for a bit)...in which he cooked me dinner, cleaned the house and walked the dogs...the bum.Poor poor neglected pups

Poor doggies, the excitement that greets us at home is atomic. They still get a shortish hike through the snow when the first one gets home but its not the long ramble they are used to.
Its probably silly to worry so much but its the most responsibility I have in my life so I do worry a bit about them. So far they have survived, and I reckon they sleep most of the day, saving the insanity for the door opening.

Enough about the bloody dogs already...

Mexico is locked and loaded. Airfares return Phoenix to Cancun, all inclusive 6 nights at Ocean Maya on the Playa del Carmen for US$650 pp via Travelocity....I got worried looking at the resort website that the day rate is about $200 that i screwed up somehow but I emailed the place and they seem to have gotten our reservation, so i guess the travel site can get a uber deal.
There is 6 of us so I looking hire vans for the week. Not that cheap for a minivan but i think worth it for the freedom. We are going to drive to Chitzen Izta which it 3 hrs one way and do the Tulum and Coba Mayan ruins so even if the car sits there not used for a day or 2 while we hang on the beach it will be worth it.
I was there 4 years ago and excited to go back, been practising my Spanish. I can count to 1000 and say 'I don't speak Spanish' in Spanish. Mike the (Aussie) bro-in-law is coming, his Spanish is awesome so once I get past 'dos cerveza por favor' he will save us.

I'm sure there is more but sleep becomes me