Thursday, January 21, 2010


Happy Three Year Anniversary to us living in the USA. (not counting the first 24 years of Rob's life, but he didn't know any better)
We have survived pretty well. Living in the USA has been a lot of fun and a grand experience. Three years...really?! Time is a kooky thing.
I can now start the citizen process, which involves much paperwork, money and me learning about stuff so I can pass the test. But its totally worth it, I'll be a dual citizen so back and forth will be even easier. If I leave the US for more than a year in one block, I can lose my Green card and would have to go through the entire process again, which would be aarrrrggghhhhhhhh.

Two of the three snow storms have hit us and the biggest one is hovering over our house. It is supposed to get pretty heavy over the next couple days. WeatherUnderground is my new internet obsession, I check it more often than I oggle People of Walmart....and thats saying something.
Yesterday it was sunny for a while before the next wave rolled in so the dogs and I had a good tromp.
I made this little vid...its very silly and next time I need to think about what to say first and stop blinking so much..I blame the snowy glare.

Work was closed today and tomorrow because of the snow. I went in to check on the beasties and left mid afternoon. Less than a mile from work on the Hwy, the car died. Lucky there was enough shoulder to move onto out of the traffic.
This is what a wrote on Facebook -

'Car breaking down driving home from work suckth so much I have ran out of swearwords.
Upside- Happened before the blizzard, nice Hwy patrolman did not tazer me, the tow truck was quick, Semi's didn't hit me, taxi home was warm, won't have to shovel the car out tomorrow and I bought a wireless mouse. There is always a upside.'

I wouldn't be so annoyed about it, but this the the second time in 6 months it has broken down and in the same way. Anyone want a slightly used Subaru Outback? doesn't smell like skunk anymore..much.

A ex work mate of Rob's turned up for a whirlwind visit last weekend. Chris was in CA for work and popped over to see us. I had to work but he and Rob did the Grand Canyon/Wupatki loop. Our favourite way to show the tourists how beautiful this area is in one easy day.
It never fails to impress and we never get bored of showing it off.
Its funny how Aussies have accents now.

Two weeks till Kate and Co turn up. I've been practicing my Espanol for when we are in Mexico, which I know I probably even won't try out just from sheer flusteredness. I can count to 1000 which will help with prices of things and I am pretty good at 'No hablo Espanol' and 'dos cervesa por favor'

I think Margaritas on the beach will be the winner on the day.