Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Our house is still awesome. I must say I got used to having a dishwasher very quickly. 35 years of not having one and never really wanting one has all been changed in only one month. I can never go back. The glasses come out all so shiny.

Across the street and up a short hill we come to Buffalo Mesa, a big open flat plain with great views of the Peaks and the town. Great place to walk and bike with Darwin though there are evil cactus which stick in and break off into oval nodules. Have to pull them off Darwin least a few times every walk, spiky painful little buggers. Despite that we love our new backyard.

We still have we are not keeping him. I taking him back tomorrow and hopefully get neutered so he can go up for adoption by the weekend. He is a total cutie and I know he will find a good home. We will miss him but keeping him would make the whole 'foster' thing moot. We are strong and not at all tempted. Even Darwin will miss him, though she would never admit it.

Hiding from the Thunder gods

Our little patch of green at the front is coming along well. The wildflower mix is thriving and hopefully will start to bloom soon. Landscaping was required there as its on a slope and needed to get some growing things in before the monsoons. So far the front yard hasn't been washed away by the rains.
I planted some Yarrow today. It was from my MIL place, also have some from L's house. Its thrives here and can take over, and despite Pandas best efforts is still in the ground.

Little garden

Mike, Laura and the kids are in Australia for 3 weeks. Doing the family get together on a beach in Qld. So while they are gone we are looking after J's geckos. They are pretty cute. I put 12 crickets in there, and most of them haven't been scoffed yet. They are mad for potato skins and sing a lot. The crickets, not the geckos, they mostly just sit there under the sun lamp.

My Mum is coming over in Oct for 3 months. She booked the flight today. She flights into LA and the plan is to drive down, pick her up and spend a week or so driving back via funky CA sites like Yosemite, Monterey, the redwoods etc.
I'll have to keep working but plan on taking time off here and there so we can see the sights.

We booked tickets to see Nick Cave in LA on Sept 17th. Friends in LA convinced us. It took some doing. WOOT.

Buffalo Mesa

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008


No puppies here...

Went and saw Hell Boy 2. Good fun. I love Ron Pearlman as the big red guy. And who'd thought that the lead singer from "Bros" from back in those heady days of 80's Brit pop, would have made such a good but bad ninja Elf.
Directed by Guillermo del Toro who has a thing for creatures with eyes in weird places.

HellBoy's Angel of Death
Pan's Labyrinth freaky monster thingy.

The trailer for 'Watchmen' looks great and it seems its going to be true to the comic. Roll on 2009.

Just finished watching 'Dr Horrible's Sing A Long Blog' by Joss Whedon.
Starting Captain Tightpants....Hammer....swoon.
Its very cute and I hope there is more to come. Only 3, 15 minutes episodes, which are free to download at the moment. We spent a whole $3.99 to get them from iTunes, show support and what not.

Bought a new vacuum cleaner today....almost excited to try it out.
Heady days

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Serena Post.

What Amanda wants Amanda gets...

Serena..not as innocent as she looks
I fostered Panda, the day we moved house... a sensible time some may say.
Four days later i got Serena....Two puppies, how hard can be be?
Not that hard except our brand new everything is getting crapped on.
She is older than Panda, much more active and aware. Can follow me up and down the stairs mostly without tumbling and is a great help when planting in the front yard, chewing, digging, lap sitting.
Panda is still a wombly, slightly out of focused special needs puppy. Its amazing what weeks can do to the development of beasties.

I'll have them both for a few more weeks yet, we have worked out a system not to let them onto the carpet. Just with Panda it was easier to watch him, but Serena is a tear about so they stay up stairs on the deck and tile and downstairs it the spare bathroom (i pity any guests, we will get it aired out...i promise). Mostly works.

Our new house is awesome...dishwasher...first time ever.
The back deck is a wonderful place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, enjoying it before the snows.
Flagstaff summer is very nice.

Guest bathroom
Yesterday I drove down to Phoenix with a friend, we went to Ikea, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.
Bought some stuff as you do. Ikea even had it in stock, the place is about the size of Sydney Harbour and has water misters along the enterances and exits so to lessen the heat stroke deaths. Phoenix was about 42C and Flagstaff was about 30C.

Lounge room and deck

more cat pictures

We have a cat at work Grizzley, came to us as a tom with a few medical problems. He started hanging out with us in the clinic side just for company and hoping he would chill out a bit.

A few weeks ago we got this teeny tiny kitten in with crushed back feet. Grizzley was stalking thru the room as I was holding the kitten, on a whim I put them together, hoping Griz wouldn't be hungry...well cuteoverload..bite me!

They hit it off and now Grizz and Koala (my suggestion..both bears hehe) are the bestest of bestest mates. They groom each other, eat, play, sleep and basically make us all go "Awww. ohh my god, That is too cute its killing me.." pretty much all the time. Amazing I have any teeth left.
Grizz has calmed down and is a much happier cat.
They are up for adoption together....

Life is Good