Sunday, July 20, 2008


No puppies here...

Went and saw Hell Boy 2. Good fun. I love Ron Pearlman as the big red guy. And who'd thought that the lead singer from "Bros" from back in those heady days of 80's Brit pop, would have made such a good but bad ninja Elf.
Directed by Guillermo del Toro who has a thing for creatures with eyes in weird places.

HellBoy's Angel of Death
Pan's Labyrinth freaky monster thingy.

The trailer for 'Watchmen' looks great and it seems its going to be true to the comic. Roll on 2009.

Just finished watching 'Dr Horrible's Sing A Long Blog' by Joss Whedon.
Starting Captain Tightpants....Hammer....swoon.
Its very cute and I hope there is more to come. Only 3, 15 minutes episodes, which are free to download at the moment. We spent a whole $3.99 to get them from iTunes, show support and what not.

Bought a new vacuum cleaner today....almost excited to try it out.
Heady days