Friday, June 13, 2008


Eggplant, my new summer colour.
I had to get my roots and underlayers of my hair bleached. Never been blonde before. I was like Paris in reverse. It looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. Purple underneath and black on top.

A few weeks ago my work hosted a Pets In The Pines event downtown. To promote, educate and adopt out a few beasties. Many other animal rescue groups and vendors were there also.. It was a successful day and it didn't snow on us like it did last year. There was a raffle and you could put your tickets into separate bags for the prizes of your choosing.
We won a $55 Dog Groom and Spa day. Woot. The dogs were the winners on the day.

I briefly considered giving it to someone with a Pomeranian or a Schnoodle, who actually might benefit from a decent groom, but it was probably the one and only time she would be getting a bath that doesn't include the outside hose, plus it made us laugh.

I booked her in for today. She got the works.
Blueberry facial
KavaKava aromatherapy shampoo
Purple sparkly toe nails
Nifty necktie.
Took a lot of shedding hair off her and cleaned up places where pine sap had stuck to her skin and hair.
Came out so clean and scented.
Had to go directly to backyard and stir up dust.

Darwin's toes and my hair match. We are totally BBFFs now.

Talking about hair as I do once a decade, there is a new brand out here called Aussie. With tHE by line "Add some Roo to your do.."
Now I love Kangaroos, they are cute, fuzzy, boingy and taste great, but the marketing of a greasy Marsupial on your scalp....
So of course I bought some. Mmmmm Marsupial head....
The website is Which I found most disappointing. That domain should be filled with Lamington and Vegemite on toast recipes, not a Yanks idea of those crazy Aussies and thier rumoured strange practices with Macropodidae.
The chick dispensing vital tips on how to brush your hair, isn't even an Aussie. Pfft!
I want that gig. I totally know how to brush my hair Aussie style and I have been up close and personal with many a Roo.

Off to Havasupai tomorrow. Have to leave by 5am cause its at least a 4 hour drive to where we meet the Helicoptor.