Sunday, May 04, 2008


The house is getting closer to completion. Last Monday night we went over to test out the new shiny kitchen stuff that had just been installed. Bought frozen Safeway Pizzas...tasted like all frozen pizzas...blaggh with hint of cardboard but served the purpose, beer and a quite nummy berry pie with ice cream.

The seating consisted of a ladder along two supports and a dodgy old lounge. The kitchen is looking great. The microwave/rangehood which comes as one unit will go over the oven. Blue tile splashback, stainless appliances and underset sink, so there is no lip to catch water and crap.
Very much looking forward to moving in.

I will have the best teatowel and placemat collection in the West thanks to Mum and Kate.

To continue the theme we have a NSW number plate on the front of our car. In AZ you don't need a front plate so some people get vanity plates of various types, favourite sport teams, causes etc,
I was talking a a guy at Festival who was mainly there to write an story for Defence magazine about what hobbies and interests their members get up to when not hooning about in tanks.
We were talking about cars ( as i do once every 375785 years) I mentioned that I wanted a Aussie number plate (copycatting Mike who has one on his ute) so he sent me one....woot.

Since Darwin has traveled a bit with us, California, Utah and Mexico so far. I thought it may be sensible to get her tested for Heartworm, and get some supplies for when next to head into mossie territory. Flagstaff is pretty safe and no one worries about it cause of the altitude and the cold, but it is a problem in other areas of the country.
The mobile was out for the morning at a local pet shop doing vaccines and microchips. It was my day off but I can't stay away from the place. I went to the wrong pet shop and found no one there, so rang around and went home. Monet rings me with the correct location so Darwin and I hightail it down Route 66.
She doesn't have heartworm but she tested positive for Lymes Disease. The vector is Ticks, and when we were at the family cabin in CA last year we were picking ticks off the dogs every day.
The research says it that healthy dogs are fine and rarely show any problems, except in Darwin's case when it manifests itself in a unnatural urge to wake me up at 6am with a green stuffed crocodile in her mouth, wanting to chased around the backyard.

Kate and Co, she loves The Great Aussie Bite. Its less intact now. Cape York and Arnhem Land have been blighted and the less said about Geelong the better. Who knew that such a small country could hold so much stuffing.
I was just playing tug o war and throwing it around the backyard with her 20 minutes ago, so its still got plently of life.

Next week I go to Kayenta for work. Very close to Monument Valley. Hope to go and see some awesome Buttes.