Friday, April 11, 2008


Whew, what a wonderful trip. We caught up with nearly everybody and had a great fun.

It wasn't till the last week were we would look at each other and go...
'Ya know. Part of me is looking forward to going home..."
When I'm here in the States I still call Australia home (though with less ruffles and dancing), but I caught myself calling Flagstaff home when I was there.
As much as I love travelling knowing you can get back and just chill for a bit makes it even exciting. Having something good to come back to is important, family, job and dog are all positives in our life here.
By the end even though it was hard to leave we were feeling a bit " ... thin. Sort of stretched, like... butter scraped over too much bread"
Sometimes its tiring having too much fun.

So thanks to everyone who looked after us.
Megge and Snerg- for your house, kangeroo sauages, and great company
Lou- for driving us around, feeding us and great company
DV and Nw- feeding us, keeping us awake, Munchkin and great company
Kate, Mum and Co- all round wonderfullness, excellent desserts, looking after Rob with his sore back, great company and not making me cry too much when I had to leave.
Dad and Co- for great company, organising a great family get together BBQ, seeing my Nana, cousins and 2nd cousins, Aunts and Uncles after so long.
The Melbourne WOW guildes- Getting 10 people in the same house to meet us and smite Gruul.
Was a complete awesome nerd fest. Great company and good to put faces to Trolls, Orcs etc.
Spyder,AJ, Gordo and Dawn- great company, feeding us and putting up for our last night in Oz.

Plus everyone else who came out for drinks, dinner, lunch, general hanging aboot and laughs.
Knowing we have so many wonderful people in our lives, makes me go all thing.