Monday, February 18, 2008


You know the feeling of learning a new skill you thought you never be possible. Very proud, totally chuffed, a tad smug, and a instant expert who must run out and buy a gnarly hat.

This is me right now.

A few weeks ago Rob wanted to go Snowboarding again. He had been a couple of times before and picked it up pretty well. He asked me to come up to Arizona Snowbowl on a Friday and have a go. I said yes, mostly to get up there and check out the view. I figured I'd never be able to stand on the thing let alone move it. On the way up I suggested I'd do the lesson but probably won't do the Ski Lift and maybe only do half day, because no way could I manage all of that. Rob didn't think it worked that way and just rolled his eyes. I bought my camera and a book so I could wait for him in the Lodge.
We got there, hired the boots and board and went to the 10am lesson. Rob went Intermediate and I went totally No Clue Beginner. The teacher was really good and by the end of it we were catching the easiest chair lift and coming back down, mostly standing up. It was the first time I've ever been on a lift and its the hardest part. I still come off and fall over every time.
Rob's teacher mentioned how 'monty' he was....I could have told them that.
After the lesson I caught up with Rob, we lunched and caught the next easiest lift up, the Hart Prairie which is pretty long and to my brand new snow eyes, steep and steep.
I could motor down it, using controlled turns, stops, a fair bit of flailing and falling over but mostly in control.
I must say I was pretty happy with myself.
Its all about using the edges of the board. Heels or toes. Heels is way easier as leaning back feels way more stable then leaning forward.

This is me at the end of my second day.....totally

Today we went again.
Being a long weekend Sunday, it was packed but managed to get in enough runs to feel satisfied. Rob, Laura, Sallie and the kids went off to the harder slopes while I had a ball hooning down Hart Prairie. I still can't get off a ski lift without taking a header, its the part I dread the most but can still laugh about it.
Its really, really cool.
I can stand up, I can turn, I can stop, I can go fast, I can totally stack it, admire the view and get back up.

Planning on going again on Tuesday.....hooked... me?...only a bit.

Nick understands