Saturday, January 05, 2008


Kate sent me "The Vicar of Dibley- A Holy Wholly Happy Ending" and we watched it last night.
Laughed till I cried. I love Dawn French, and the of rest of the cast is truely wonderful.
Classic comedy and I ordered the whole lot to share with the folks here cause I think they will love them to.

The only other thing I've Richard 'Dreamboat' Armitage in was 'North and South' with Kate and a bottle of Chardy. We fast forwarded through all the dreary mill bits to his scenes.
A bit like with 'P & P' and Colin Firth. Seeya Mrs Bennett, Helloooooo duck pond!

Anyway must fly, well drive. Going to Puerto Penasco, (Rocky Point ) Mexico for the weekend. Its 4pm now and its a 6 hour drive.