Friday, December 07, 2007

17 HOUR DAY AND I'M OK.....not sure about the profits.

First off, big thanks to Mum for the birthday pressies, love them. A 1972 Aussie animal calender tea towel, showing my age but I love those, awesome knitted scarfs and few trinkets and *drum roll please* Tim Tams and Mint Slices....thank you thank you thankyou!!

I've been talking these up big time to my US colleagues, but since they are like gold, I'll will need a few more packets before I can safely let them leave the house and share their choccy divinenessess.
Will accept any and all contributions.

Today was a funny day if you count driving for 2 1/2 hrs, working a shite load. Lots of surgeries, dealing with people and cramped up on the front seat trying to run the computer and printer. Ergonomics, get thy face hence.
Also having a dog bite me and the vet. It was scared so don't blame the dog. It didn't break the skin on me but did on M. Now in a real country it would be a case of cleaning it up and moving on. Here it involves Animal Control, work forms, quarantine for 10 days, paper work and the slim but real threat of going Cujo.
All bites are supposed to be reported because of Rabies. Rabies was a vague passing thought before my new life, now its a major source of worry and income in vaccinations. Beasts can be infected for yonks and not display signs, if they bite you but not in a infective stage then its all ok. If they show signs within 10 days of being bitten then its all bad, if they show signs after 11 and beyond days its all good. I never knew this before starting work here. Still if this was a real country.....

Had In and Out Burger for dinner, pretty good for a simple beetroot though.
Considering I had only eaten 3 choccy chip cookies and half a thermos of tea since 4am, it was damn good.
Thank the clever one who invented thermoses, my hot tea keeps me strong and mighty through the long days.
We did our best day eva (i think) over $1700. Yay us. We are very proud.
I didn't have to drive the mobile back, cause we swapped people. Its the first time I haven't driven it in months. So it was really nice to sit back and not dodge semis.
We got back to work and its windy, real windy and cold. Buffering the vehicle, and sending tumbleling tumbleweeds into orbit. It not snowing which really is crap because how could it be
so cold without any interesting bits to go along with it....pfft.
We got back at 8:30pm and had worked out the most efficient, quickest way to pack up and get the hell out...a cunning plan.

So here we are loaded up with all the stuff we need to take inside. Me with computer, backpack and cash box. I open the door of the mobile and the wind just slams it. At this point the hand holding the cash box hits the door and flies open. Think on those competitions in a plastic box where all this money flew around and they had to catch as much of it as that but colder, windier and no containment. Yeah... the hysterics kicked in about then.
I think we got most of it back.

It been a long week.