Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a week. My Eyes I Tell You.

This week saw the super dooper Mobile Vet Team in Peach Springs on the Hualapai Rez, Leupp on the Navajo Rez and Payson.
Yesterdays little jaunt to Payson ended up being a 17 hour day and a minor cluster.
It's a two and a half hour trip south through some very pretty winding mountain roads. I usually drive the Vet Mobile with S another tech (she can't drive for another 2 months due to suspended license) and the vet M and the other tech A take the support car. Well we got there a little after 8am we started dealing with the appointments.
Usually we do 6-10 surgeries in the morning then a walk up Vaccination Clinic in the arvo.
This day was just surgery with 20 animals to do.
M turns up later telling us that A has been arrested and hauled off by the cops an hour or so up the road. She was speeding, then license problems...anyway she was handcuffed and taken.
So we were a tech down for the first few hours but just had to manage. The shelter sent someone else to help out which was great but a long way to come.
The mobile is a converted RV, it has two tables, sinks and cages. it means alot of bending, crawling and edging around stuff and each other. We are working out a system of doing things that reduces complications. M also likes music so I brought along a CD player and some music. The Cat Empire is a big hit, need to get thier new album, only have the two.
We didn't finish till 5 and nobody had eaten or really even took a break. We needed to eat and rest before the long drive back.
M called the cops to ask about A and was told they had released her. We knew she had no cash and a dead phone and a long way from home. She managed to phone M and tell her she was waiting on the highway we would drive back on so could we pick her up. No worries.
Except we missed the turn off in the dark and ended up in Winslow which is hours away from her but only 45 minutes away from Flagstaff. I thought we were going in the wrong way but I was driving by myself and thought maybe A had gotten back into contact and all was she was still waiting and by this time it was 9pm. M called the police again and asked if they could find her and tell her what happened. I was ready to drive back down with M to find her but she said her husband would go with her instead.
So I got home at 10:30pm and god know when they did. I will ring later and find out how everyone is.
Crazy Days as a pet poker.

This is the view from the Mobile at Leupp. We had a few friendly dogs adopt us for the day. This guy just hung out and a Mum and her Pup wander through for a while as well. We patted them and fed them snacks...they know a soft touch.
Also bought some yummy Fry Bread. A plate sized warm fried bread smothered in icing sugar, honey and cinnomann...good stuff.

Rob left for Kansas City last Sunday and comes back tonight. He has been working like a navvie aswell the last few weeks to get everything done for the Beta test, and it sounds like its paid off.

I forgot to mention last week all our stuff turned up....its like Christmas only with old things we have no room for. I have all these clothes now, and having the music here is very nice.