Sunday, September 02, 2007


Popped over to the Coconino County Fair today. Ready to take my fill of Fairy Floss, Fried Bread and Pig judging.
Geese Wrangling

We saw calf roping, demolition derby, a giant rabbit which had its own chin fat pillow, freakish earless goats (there must be a reason to cut the ears off goats, maybe they get flyblown), border collies herding geese, small children dressed as Aztecs, and other typical county fair fare.

My new Rowany Festival costume. yes?

Not a showbag to be seen. It must be a Australian thing, but they did have toffee apples bigger than my head.
Judging sheep butts
A example of how easily amused we are.
While wandering through the cut flower entrants, admiring the pretties. We noticed of the 60 or so displays, 55 of them had award ribbons of various sorts. The lonely 5 had terse penciled notes on their cards. "Wrong Species", "Too many Stalks", "Not Enough Stalks". Heh.
I then had to have a ad lib chat with a lady about Lambs Tongues to cover my gentle mocking.
I think it worked.

On a totally different note. A couple of months ago I entered a online puzzle put on by Court TV. Over the course of a week we had to watch videos, do puzzles to work out who, why and how a scientist was kidnapped (it was his boss, of course because he threatened to expose shoddy research). The prize was $25 000. Well me and 6000 other people solved it and yesterday my check arrived. Woot! $ 4.16 is my share, though I promised to share with Rob because he helped a lot.