Sunday, July 08, 2007


This picture of mine was picked to be part of a online city guide called Schmap, so next time you need to look up Kings Cross there I'll be in all my photographic 3l33tn3ss.

Before I get on my patriotic high horse tell me Australia has far better Anti Discrimination Laws than this. Its legal in 33 States to fire someone due to their sexuality (from a story on Pandagon). I'm sure in happens in Oz but not so balantly. Ugghhh.

YouTube...a continuing font of time wasting classics.

Mum and Uncle Tom would quote a Monty Python sketch "The Four Yorkshiremen"
'Luxury' and 'Paper bag in middle of road' become catchcries. I found one of the originals. It from a show called "At Last The 1948 Show" which starred John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Tim Brooke Taylor and Marty Feldmen.

They say "Cardboard box in middle of road" but its been done many times and it will forever be 'paperbag' to me.

Here is Python doing it

Fry and Laurie's take on Aussie Soaps. Its a complete hoot.

One more then I'm done till next time.

Wild Bill Oddie and his mate Texan Tim

Worked till 1:30am at my new place. Got to listen to Karakoe for 4 hours while making Margaritas. Cause I'm still in training I don't get any tips, bah. But it was busy and I should go alright there. My accent still has power over the locals.

Finally getting some summer rain and thunderstorms. They call it 'The Monsoons', which to me conjures up tropical beaches and humidity not 7000ft desert country, but hey whatever floats the boat.

To finish off a picture of Darwin taken by Jamie while camping last weekend.