Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Amanda sent me this link to the tigers. What amazing photos. Rob and I went to this Six Flags Water Park in '99. It was fun but what I mostly remember is the Tiger show. Seeing these huge animals drink out of a bottle and leap for sheer joy into the pool chasing stuff.
They look like what I want Aliens to look like, big cat people, how awesome would that be?

Least that photographer got want he wanted. Now we have the Darwin Fish and a Darwin Dog I tried to get them both together, cause I thought it would be kinda cute and that.
Our dog gets car sick...sheez...so she didn't want to come near the car, and was very confused about the whole thing. I even smeared the fish with dog food in the hopes of her licking it.
Never work with animals or animal children.

She did the 24 hour round trip to California with no problems, just the last month or so its been a problem. Put her in the back and she starts salivating ALOT....and sometimes throws up.
If I had Photoshop I could cunning splice them together and would you never know. As it is here are my two Darwins. She even has her name on the collar so she doesn't forget.

We went and saw Pirates 3. Much better than the second one and was pretty good. There is a scene after the long credits, I wouldn't bother waiting for it just IMDB it later. No action, no real tie ins for a 4th, which I can't see them making anyways. Next on my list is '28 Weeks Later', 'Shrek 3' and the Russian movie 'Day Watch' sequel to the awesome 'Night Watch', though It probably won't come to Flag.

I clicked on a link from Cuteoverload, about a missing husband. I thought it was real for a second or two because I could believe someone going online to get help on a crime. Anyway its a puzzle game, with clues emails and texted everyday for a week. The prize is $25000. If one person answers everything right they get the whole lot. If, as I suspect, elevenitymillion people get it right then my prize of $2.50 will be better than naught.

Everything here is pretty cool. Summer is on its way. Mountain biking the trails behind the house, great way to walk the dogs to boot. Looking for a new bar job cause the place I'm at is giving me all the crap shifts and I'm not making any money. Still volunteering, its puppy and kitten season so there are sooo many bundles of cuteness vying for attention.