Saturday, May 19, 2007

Las Vegas

"The Circus-Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war. This is the sixth Reich. The ground floor is full of gambling tables, like all the other casinos . . . but the place is about four stories high, in the style of a circus tent, and all manner of strange County-Fair/Polish Carnival madness is going on up in this space."
Hunter S Thompson

Never a truer word...
We stayed at Circus Circus. Its not for the clown fearful. I had to talk myself down after a few run ins.

The Vegas the tourists go and see to is a strange and trippy place.
It's like your Fairy Godmother on PCP.Will make all your dreams come true but will probably break your knee caps in the process.
Three days seemed to be the threshold before the neon eats your brain.

The Plan!, the Plan! worked out perfectly.
Arrived Tuesday afternoon, and stood in line to check in at Circus Circus for 20 minutes. It was like a airport with rope gates, luggage and the waiting. We are used to Hostels or campgrounds so staying somewhere vaguely fancy was a change. It was only $60 a night mid week, so hardly high rollers. Hotel prices triple plus on weekends, its a huge change from day to day.

TIP DU JOUR-Never stay in Vegas on a weekend unless you are cashed up or have a Sugar Daddy or are a Sugar Daddy.
I saw guys in the nightclubs who were dressed like hobo's or so uber rich they didn't care, its hard to tell at a certain point, though $20 drinks and fawning hot chicks probably give it away.

Penn and Rob..Penn loved the Tshirt

We walked and walked and walked from CC to Rio....a few K's at least, but the cocktail afterwards was worth it.
Penn and Teller were great. I love them because of Bullshit, pull no punches debunking, but Rob knew them first as Magicians on TV as a American kid. They were fun, showed how a few tricks were done, wowed us with a few which they didn't, showed us how so called psychics are fuckheads with some great cold/hot reading of the audience. Penn had a great rant against them, which was very Bullshit..Yay!
One of the tricks was the whole ball and cup thing, first with red cups then with see through ones, I still couldn't keep up with them even with them showing us, though with Penn talking through it all its a great distraction.

Me and Teller

I spoke to and heard Teller speak..I'm not a person who hassles my idols but they were there so I waited to get a photo. He has a very mild accent, maybe East coast??..ehh. But soft and gentle.
I read that Teller stopped speaking in his magical routines cause people paid more attention to him, if he just did magic without the blurb.
He and Penn are a perfect match.
The last trick was the 'Magic Bullet', (which i haven't Googled yet to find out how its done) Two guns, two gun savvy audience members to inspect and mark the casing and the bullet of both bullets. Then they stood on opposite end of the stage behind a pane of glass and shot the guns.
The bullet of the opposite guy ended up in their teeth and the marked casing in the original gun and a bullet hole hole through the glass. Very cool and you know slight of hand was involved but how ...NFI!
I love magic tricks even the 'easiest' ones still impress me no end.

It was hot, at least high 30C during the day and still really warm at night. The two coats I bought were totally useless. Bloody desert.

Wednesday we slept in.
Then wandered down to the Hilton, to mindmeld with the StarTrek Experience.
Ok I'm giving more money to Paris, but I figure once she is in jail she may need the extra chocolate and ciggies rations. My heart is with a really really really rich, multiple drunk driver, people cut her some slack..jeez.

Romulan Ale....Not Bad

'StarTrek The Experience' rocked and I shall hear no mocking, just jealously and ...hmmm more jealously.
Lunch at Quarks was yummy. Good food, and very tempted to get the 'Warp Core Breach', 10 shots of goodness. They recommend sharing Rob (joke) wasn't keen for a lunch time drink. So I got a Romulan Ale (is it legal yet?) It was green and kinda beer like. You can buy cases of it, which I thought was uber cool. Party my place...

Some Spaceship....

The rides were really good. Got to run through corridors to shuttles to be taken to safety....or not. The Borg one was 4D, wore 3D glasses, water and air into your face and the seat poked your back, everyone jumped big time. You wanted to reached out and touch the Borgys but they weren't there.
The Klingon one was belt in and the shuttle moves with windscreen/ceiling image, like the old show rides. This one was great, jerky and woooggly and thank gawd we dodged the Klingons and brought us safe home.


Spamalot, BFG's and huge naked guys coming soon.
stay tuned