Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Been reading Miss Jimmy and The Other Andrews blog about their sweet weekends. Keeping up by blog and email is the next best thing to being there.
My weekend was pretty nice to.
I worked at the pub till 7pm Friday and Saturday which was ok but I have been promised better shifts soon.
I drove home on Friday night, picked up Rob and drove back into town. We had yummy yummy Thai for dinner, just walking in and smelling the place takes me straight back to Newtown. Its very good food and great for home cravings.
We then wandered to The Wine Loft, which is a great little space a couple of floors up. Its easy to miss if you don't know where it is, just a glass door then up some stairs, but worth it. We had a few glasses of wine and played Mancala. They have over 30 games to choose from I think we will be hanging out there more often. We then wandered back down to my pub and chatted to a few folks. It gets busy when I'm not there.
Rob drove home, decided to catch the bus next time.

Meteor Crater- hard to show how big it is.

Saturday morning was slug fest. I started work at 3:30 and this time was smart, caught the bus downtown. The bus stop is a ten minute walk away and the ride about 5 minutes.
Rob took Darwin for a 6 mile bike ride, she loves running behind it and its good exercise for all.

Rob caught the bus to meet me at work, saves on that pesky driving thing. Had a yummy Mexican meal, back to The Wine Loft to continue my Mancala victories, a few games of pool and a easy Taxi ride home.
Greeted by a very, very excitable puppy when we got home.

On the edge of the Crater.

Sunday morning was a bit slow. We had planned to drive out to the Grand Canyon Caverns, a funky looking cave system 100 miles from here. It was in the latest edition of 'Arizona Highways' - Thank you again Amanda for the subscription, its a good magazine.
We spent longer at Mike and Laura's place chatting so it was getting late for a long drive. So we revised and drove out to Meteor Crater, about 30 miles from Flagstaff. Its a big hole in the ground caused by a big space rock 50,000 years ago give or take. Its 4000 feet across and 500 feet deep and kinda looks like a Dr Who quarry.
The used to train astronauts there cause it was a moon like crater but I'm not sure how they changed the gravity.

We had Darwin with us, who had to wait in the car while we looked at alien rocks. I have a Arizona guide book and found a walk complete with Indian ruins and lava about 10 minutes from home.
The amount of stuff around here still boggles me. Many great day trips and even more further afield.
Lava bubble cave.
It was a good uphill hike in mad wind. On the top of the hill are lava bubbles which the local Indian's used for storage and living. Can just see the remains of a pueblo but the caves are everywhere. Had great views of the surrounding flat land and peaks. The San Francisco Peaks are actually part of a huge volcano which exploded yonks ago so there are alot of volcanic cinders and artifacts all around.

Pottery Shards of Olde

There are alot of pottery shards scattered around. I'm assuming they are old and not seeded there to excite tourists like me, but I can't imagine that would happen. It is pretty amazing to hold something that was made so long ago.

Working this afternoon so better go and do something with the morning other than read blogs.

The Peaks. Flagstaff is behind and to the leftish.