Friday, March 30, 2007


Monday I went to the gym, which felt good I need to start back up. Its been a while and I'm feeling it. I've had a few excuses but shirking no more.
The last couple of weeks have been really warm, t-shirt weather and it felt like Spring. Never assume.
I spent Monday arvo in my gym clothes, stopped off at Safeway for supplies and pottered around the house with the door wide open enjoying the warmth.
Its been snowing on and off since Tuesday, right now its coming down pretty heavy in big fat flakes. All the plants and flowers which all started to bloom are looking very forlorn and out of place. I've been watching the daffodils from the window slowly disappear under a blanket of white. Maybe they need scarfs and mittens.

Spent the last two days at Second Chance Animal Shelter, helping out in the clinic, watching spays mostly, though today they had to remove a totally oogly eye from a very ugly gremlin chihuahua....Didn't improve its looks but i bet its a lot happier. Also spent a fair bit of time playing with roley poley fuzzballs in puppy skins. A box of 10 were found at a truck stop by a truckie and brought in. Lucky the good people seem to outnumber the scumbags occasionally.

Coz Love. I think the first one is Square root, and I remember seeing the Cosine on a calculator once. As for the others, some geeky shit.

Got my Christmas pressie Yay. Rob ordered tshirts from a great little web comic xkcd. Some of them are great, some are far to geeky for me. The first order went astray so he reordered them.
Few of my favourites
Flying ferret
Science. It Works Bitches
Bored of the Internet

On the drive back from CA, the guys stopped to visit some relatives who own a ranch and rescued and teeny tiny cottontail rabbit from the cats. The kids are looking after it and last night they came over for dinner so we put the little bunbun in with hamsters. No pit fights just and bit of sniffing and ignoring. Not that I wasn't hoping for a death match of anything.....
Very cute.
Awww Bunbun and Hamsters. Interspecies peace.