Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Rob, Laura, kids and puppy all drove to the family cabin the in Sierra Nevada foothills for a holiday and to catch up with various family members. Mike and I decided to hang the cost and fly out there for 3 days.
Even though there is a airport in Flag, it ended up being easier to drive the 2 hours to Phoenix to fly to Sacramento. We arrived with nanoseconds to spare. Spiriting through the airport, waiting impatiently at security talking about what we will do in Phoenix when we miss the plane, then more spiriting and arrived at the gate as the last people were walking on. Perfect.
At Sacramento we found that for a mere $7 extra a day we could blow off the hatchback and rent a purple Mustang convertible. Sweet.


Drove another 2 hours to the house in the hills, and then everything slows down. Brain, heartbeat, movements, its so peaceful and pretty there that the body settles into a trance like state. Its the perfect time because everything is green and growing, in a month or so it with be all brown and dry, but still loverly. A perfect little creek run by it and lulls you to sleep. Rob's grandparents built the place 40 years ago and is still a favourite getaway for all the family. We spent alot of time there in '99 while Rob wrote part of his thesis, and we had the 2nd wedding party at the pub in town. Its in the middle of gold country and in the 1850's was a bustling, busy place, now the area a big weekend place, like the Blue Mountains, lots of art galleries, cafes, antique stores.
Not too shabby huh?!

Spent the days hiking, reading by the fireplace, sleeping, went down to the delta to visit Granny for lunch. At 92 is still going strong and is a complete sweetheart. The kids swam in the pool, Darwin chased balls and sticks- she is a real dog now- and we caught up with some of the family.
Rob and Granny

Its hard to leave the cabin but Mike and I are strong. This time with left earlier enough to stroll through the airport to our plane. In Phoenix we stopped at Trader Joes and stocked up on all matter of goodies before driving home and back to work the next day.

Work was ok, not super busy but I had a few good chats with people. I was teaching a guy Aussie and he was teaching me Navajo. He was much more successful than I was. Its a great sounding language but I don't think I have the required throat for it. Still good fun though.

Creek feets

Things are going well, settling in, finding my way around and I haven't taken a wrong turn onto the highway to LA with no close exits for like weeks now.
Rob's job still loves him, and I'm making petrol and bagel money.
It still feels a bit like a holiday, and when It starts feeling more real is when it will hit me its long term. I'm very happy here and its feels right and having brief moments of ;( and missing everyone a whole heap is perfectly fine and natural.