Thursday, April 12, 2007


I didn't have to go to work on Sunday, they decided Saturday night not to open till later. Not sure why but ehh. So I lost out on about $50 and my Vietnam vet. marine friend coming back in to ask me to run away with him every 5 minutes for 4 hours.
The box of our stuff hasn't left Sydney yet so its a excuse to buy stuff, bloody annoying but what can we do.
Rob and I went shopping, he has no jeans left and needed new shoes. Then we ended up Downtown learning all about Mountain Bikes. The area is full of great bike trails and we thought it would be fun plus good exercise for us and the dog. We took a couple for a test run.
I am a idiot.
Went down this small but steep hillock, and I put on the front brakes.
Front brakes!!
I hate front brakes. All they are good for is locking up the front wheel and tipping you over the handlebars onto the road, which results in your back all scratched up and landing on your left elbow rendering you crippled for at least a week.
I know better than that....fracking front dumb brakes.
We will never mention front brakes again.

Anyway we bought the bikes, mine complete with scratches. They are shiny red with shocks and other cool bike stuff. They are the same make and colour which is uber couple daggy but I'm sure I'll be adding more dints in time, maybe a few stickers to personalise it.

But for the time being I'm useless. If I ever permanently lose a limb the first thing I'm doing after getting all manner of funky claw attachments is shave my head. Hairs a bitch with one good arm and one very painful one.

Things I can't do or takes me 10 painful swearing minutes

Brush my hair
Tie back my hair
Get dressed
Get undressed
Go to work
Go to the gym
Go volunteer
Make guacamole
Bring in the mail
Go shopping
Ride my fracking bike

Things I can Do

Watch 'Heroes'
Watch 'Bones'
Kill baddies
Sit on my arse
Walk the dog
Drink tea
Read "DM of the Rings".... its bloody funny and long

As Amanda pointed out "No body ever hurt themselves playing World of Warcraft...." so true.