Thursday, April 05, 2007


I go in phases with YOUwastemylifeTUBE. I ignore it for months then spend days constantly looking at stuff. These are the days of looking at stuff.
Stuff I have found with film clips I have never seen, or weird montages peeps have throw together.

The Weeping Song- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I could put up all of his stuff but I will restrain myself. Love Blixa and Nick's duet. I always thought Father meant Dad not non religious (thank god) upbringing showing it self.

The Highwaymen- Highwayman.
The Big Country Four. I went with Dad sometime in the late 80's to see these guys. Caught the bus from Newcastle to Sydney. They were really good and played solid for over 2 hours which impressed me at the time for a bunch of 'old' guys.

Dance Music- The Mountain Goats
. From my fav album "The Sunset Tree' done with sock puppets... as you do! Also 'Woke Up New' from his latest 'Get Lonely' and his first real music clip. Most of the other stuff is live and sucky quality unfortunately.

The Waifs- London Still
. Great song, easily replaced with 'Flagstaff Still' ;)

Antony and the Johnsons- You Are My Sister Saw Antony at the Leonard Cohen tribute at the Opera House in 2005. Strangely twitching sublimed voice man.

Leonard Cohen- Bird On The Wire. *sigh* Affected this 15 year old in strange ways I'll tell ya that for free.

I could go on....and on.
Since our box of worldly possessions hasn't even left Sydney yet...WFT!! This is a music haven for the time being.
Stay tuned.

ohh ok just one more.

Jeff Dunham and Peanut. I went to a friend of Mike's for a BBQ when Rob was away. They are kinda SCA but we won't hold that against them. After dinner they put on a ventquilla ventrilla dude who speaks through puppets. I was a bit dubious in a can't sleep clowns will eat kind me fashion but steeled myself. It was fracking funny and very clever in bits. He has a bunch of characters sometimes two going at once but this bit killed me.