Friday, April 20, 2007


My volunteer work is going well, despite a few missed weeks due to travels and bunged up arm. They are pretty happy to have me and I'm learning alot. I need to ask more questions though to make myself even more useful.
I went yesterday, not really sure how I would go with my arm still sore but I didn't want to skip another week.

I cleaned a few things, watched some surgery and mainly watched over the dogs waking up from having their insides ripped asunder.
The bigger dogs they wrap in doonas and place on the floor so to monitor vital signs and make sure they don't injure themselves. As they wake up they can thrash around and whack their head on the floor and walls.
I was the anti whacking device. Another thing they do when still under the influence is drool....alot, a whole heap, it never ends, it covers everything.
"How do you get so much drool out of such a small dog?..."

I took photos of puppies and a few cats, I was going to take more photos of some of the adult dogs and not have them all looking like Gitmo Bay footage, but I was coldly welcomed to the Spring Winds. I was warned they get strong, cold and annoying and yea verily they are. So I hasty snapped a few cute puppies before I ate too much dust and was whisked off to Oz. Which actually would have been awesome, could have stopped in for a Chardy and only needed a one way ticket back.

I'm not about to become the Madde Dog Lady of Flagstaff, but its tempting at times. Alot of the puppies and kittens come in abandoned, malnourished, scared and filthy. Its great to see them all cleaned up, healthy and well socialised.

Oh yeah and the cats are pretty cute too.