Tuesday, May 08, 2007

These are all hand made from the Puebla region. They are beautiful and very glinty in the sun.


May the 5th, the day when in 1852 in the Battle of Puebla the Mexican forces kicked the French, ....which really how hard would that be?...anyhoo its now a great excuse for floats, fetes, drinking and wearing somberos.

The Second Chance Shelter hosted a Adopt-a-thon in downtown Flagstaff, with various other reasonably sane animal welfare groups, with stalls, information and beasties to take home.
I went down in the morning to help out on the vet side, mainly just doing paper work, holding animals for vaccinations and microchipping. It had snowed the night before, and the day was windy with patches of warm sun. It was all going well, lots of people and interest. Rob had turned up with Darwin who was a little freaked out by all the dogs and people and was recognised by the Second Chance folk. Lots of butt sniffing.

Darwin meeting and greeting.

Then by 1130am it was snowing, alot! So there was much rush to cover the cages and put the little ones in the mobile vet clinic where it was warmer. The good thing about snow over rain is that you can still walk around in the snow for a while without getting too wet or uncomfortable. It didn't chase everyone away straight away but it did slow things down and probably killed it early. Such a shame cause they put so much time and effort into it, but the weather will win everytime.
Rob and I left just after 12 and went for a warming lunch. I was rostered on till 12 and it was slow so i didn't feel bad about leaving.

Second Chance Stall, with adoptable dogs and cats. Just before the snow.
The Weiner Dog was not up for adoption.

The kids were involved in a parade and dancing. We weren't sure if we had missed the dancing so we headed down to the park, and 'lo they were just starting.
They are involved in a Mexican Dance Troupe and looked great in all the costumes. Jamie danced in 5 and Sam 2 (i think), thats a lot of changes and Laura was busy in the back whipping clothes on and off.
Veracruz dance with scary big headed dude.

I put a bunch up on Flickr and really need to get the names and regions of the actual dances from Laura. I tried not to name them Dance 1- Dance 28. So hopefully I can add more description soon.
( NB-Just looked on Mariachi site, getting the names from the costumes. Hopefully thats right.)

Jamie, The Mariachi surrounded by Sequined Pueblas.

The costumes are amazing and beautiful and come from all over Mexico. It was deemed to cold for the kids to dance the Azteca one which was a shame cause the costume rocked. I want one for myself.
The ones that aren't hand made are ordered from MariachiConnection, for all your Mexican costume needs.
I recommend Funnel Cake, warm crunchy dough covered with icing sugar....Yum.

Sam, The Tall One- in her beautiful Chiapas dress.

After all that excitement we had a family dinner, Margaritas and played Franks Zoo.