Wednesday, April 25, 2007


DV has a meme about a letter and things you like which they start with.
I asked and she gave me R

ROSE- Except the actual stalk is ungainly and ungraceful but the flower and the family rocks

EMERGENCY ROSE- Every boot should have some..

ROBOTS- Until they enslave us all then they sucketh

RED RIGHT HAND-one of my favourite songs ever! I had to find a way to get Nick Cave into the list.

RUINS- Ohh yeah!! I fall in love with them, buy them a drink, they never return my calls. But I still yearn.
RHUIN- ok he is a girly Orc but I loves hims

Gad! I took screen shots of Rhuin but pain in the arse to convert...bah.
Here is closest thing.
Which looks nothing like Rhuin but she is kinda hawt!

If you Google 'Wow female orc' it comes up with a green elf like,buxom and tattooed.
Woot! I'd give someones right arm to look like her.

heh I asked Rob about the letter R, he said he didn't think he was that bad. I didn't even think that...hehe I had his WOW character as a favourite,what more does he want??!!