Saturday, April 28, 2007


Finally organised our Las Vegas trip. Been talking about it since we got here as a quick getaway/wedding anniversary/try and drink our body weight in cheap cocktails fun time.

Spent a night in Vegas in '99, it really is a another planet but we didn't do much except wander around, eyes full of neon.

This time we have plans.
Cunning Plans

Staying at Circus Circus, which is right on the Strip and had good priced rooms. I remember liking Circus Circus cause it had free acrobatic shows and someone had managed to train cats to vaguely follow orders, I was very impressed, and lots of funny little games which you could win stuffed toys. Where you put the kids while you gambled away their college fund.

Plan 1- Have tickets to see my favourite Bullshit artists and magicians Penn and Teller. Bullshit is a great show and I'm really looking forward to seeing their magic.

Plan 2- Cirque Du Soleil production of 'O'. There are about 8 different shows but this one is based around water which sounds awesome. Can't go wrong with these guys.

Plan 3- Have a Romulan Ale and a plate of Tribbles at Quarks Restaurant, and maybe get married by a borg.

Plan 4- Shoot a BFG

Plan 5- Wander around eat and drink on the cheap. People watch and maybe find a cheap, empty Craps table.

It's not for a couple of weeks yet, so stay tuned.