Tuesday, May 22, 2007


After our Startrek adventures, we walked back to our Clown Overlords, for a nap and a Margarita.
Lick the Dragon for Luck. Ye Olde Dragon Shoppe, Excalibur.

The thing about casinos is that they are very cunningly designed. Finding your way in is a piece of cake, finding the exit again is another story. A shift in the SpaceTime Continuum occurs and where you thought the exit was, now is a brick wall or a man selling lucky Monkey's feet.

Parasols at Wynn

After a successful outbound navigation, we went to Wynn, which is one of the more beautiful casinos. Its hard to complete with the sheer size and scope of Luxor and Caesars Palace but it was really well done. Tree arbors, mosaics, waterfalls, light shows and parasols all came together with awesome results.


This is where Spamalot was playing. It was very very funny and well done. Following the basic story line from 'The Holy Grail' with splashes of sheer Vegas thrown in.
King Arthur is played by John O'Hurley who I actually recognised. I've only seen about 8 episodes of 'Seinfeld' by a couple of them must have had the character J. Peterman in them. The whole cast was wonderful and the Rabbit perfect with great, big gnashing teeth.

Brave, brave Sir Robin

The next day after a sufficient sleep in we drove to The Gun Shop, and killed paper targets. I choose the biggest one there, just cause it was the biggest one and looked like it could teach any pesky Aliens a thing or two.

It was a FN F2000
The Belgiums must have a bigger Alien problem than I first thought.
I showed the target what for, and wasn't a bad shot. It had a definate kick to the left which showed in the grouping.
I could have spent a lot of money trying different types but restrained myself.

Me and BFG

Rob wanted to try a handgun so got a 40 calibur Glock, which he showed off his l33t skillz learnt from da hood.
The ammo was lead free for our safety, whew.

Rob and Glock

Our last night was to see Cirque Du Soleil 'O', has the stage with a pool underneath which moves and changes so each section. Didn't seem as hardcore physical as the others I've seen but was sheer beauty with the flawless merging of water and land.


I think three days in Vegas is more than enough. After the shows if you don't gamble them it does get tiring.
Just the way I like 'em. 18ft tall and nekked. Caesars Palace

I put $5 through a 'Terminator' machine which didn't last long. We were thinking of finding a cheap 'Craps' table and having a whirl but never did. I think we broke a few cardinal rules of Vegas, one being gamble, gamble gamble and another is to buy a huge yard glass filled with frozen Margarita. Wonder if we will ever be allowed back in.

Terminator ate my money.

About 30 miles from Vegas on the border of Nevada and Arizona is Hoover Dam. You have to pull off the road 10 miles out and slowly drive by a cop who quickly checks you don't have a car load of explosives to blow up the dam.
You slowly wend your down the road and across the dam wall itself. Its pretty impressive and despite all the water its a desolate place.

They are building a huge overpass which will speed everyone up and avoid the dam all together. The construction work is massive and it will be ginormous when its finished.

Hoover Dam. You drive along the wall and back left is the huge overpass pylons.

So that was our short break to the Crazy Place, and we didn't even get married by a Borg....tsk.

Guardians of Hoover Dam