Monday, May 28, 2007

Though I'm sure it never left.

Tomorrow the 28th May is Memorial Day, basically ANZAC Day. Public holiday, flag waving, parades and more importantly remembering the fallen which is even more relevant here with over 100 US soldiers dying just this month.

Its also the grand opening of The Creation 'Museum' in Kentucky. It was built by the Answers In Genesis frootloops, fronted by Ken Ham (who is a Aussie..oh the shame).
While some newspapers have been wishy washy about this load of bollocks, the blogosphere has waded in and pulled no monkey punches.
Pharyngula has put together a long list of interesting links and stories about this waste of space, and I'm on the same continent..arrrggghhh why couldn't Rob have been Swedish?

This and This I found from Orac....It answers so many questions. Funny and makes about as much sense.