Monday, June 18, 2007


A few months ago Mike came to us with A Cunning Plan. Was was about to start building two townhouses to sell once complete, and would we like one to do with what we will? Hey why not we said. Basically we are financing the construction and get a house at the end. It works for both parties. Mike doesn't have a huge bank loan and we don't have a mortgage.
After a few delays its started....woot!!

Cunning Plans
Its going to be 2 stories with a basement type room with The Rock. The rock is huge and we decided rather push it up the hill and get rid of it, it would stay to take up useful space but look all looming and eldritch. I plan to carve petroglyphs and twisting runes into its skin.

The Rock
The first floor will be a mud room, bat cave then into the kitchen and lounge room. Its fairly open plan and will overlook the mountain. Downstairs are the bedrooms. I get a ensuite...I've dreamt long of having a ensuite.
The fun and slightly daunting tasks will be the personal touches. I don't want much but my heart is set on funky bathroom sinks, and few accent tiles and wooden floors in the lounge room.
Then there is all the appliances and furniture, considering we don't even have a bookcase yet, I see mucho shopping in our future.
Real estate in Flag isn't cheap, so hopefully it will be a good investment when/if we decide to move and sell/rent it.
The View, our place on the left.

I am helping to build it. I quit my bar job because i wasn't earning any money and getting the lameo shifts. There is great potential to earn a lot of money here doing bar work from tips, but if there are no customers then $4 per hour doesn't stretch very far. I'm still looking for a better place but for now I'm a construction grunt. Last couple of days I have been lugging stuff up an down the site, using cool tools and generally being a lackey. Its kinda fun and I'm getting shovelers shoulders. Another week or two and I can put out my own calendar, need to get me a a leather tool belt first.