Friday, July 06, 2007


Stuff has been happening. All very exciting too. Rooolly and trooly.

Been doing a few days on the house, shoveling, lugging being all round monkey. Its coming along nicely and starting to look like a house. Have to take more photos.

On Saturday we went to the Hopi Festival of Arts and Culture at the Museum. Many Hopi artists displayed their works which were judged and awarded. To me it all looked wonderful. Beautiful things ranging from paintings, pottery, jewelery, basket weaving and wood work. A lot of it was for sale, most of it expensive but I bought a couple of small thing for presents. It was really interesting and next month is the Navajo Festival which I've chalked in.

I so wanted this Kachina Doll. Didn't dare ask the price.

Saturday night we went camping with Laura, Mike, kids and 2 dogs. We just went out of town a ways and found somewhere that looked good. Slept under the stars and Darwin was great. I thought we may have tie her up while we were asleep but we didn't bother and she was there in the morning, boingy and licky. I'm pretty happy about having a good camping dog, even if she does get car sick in the back of the ute....Big Doggy Joke.

I started my new job on Tuesday at a Restaurant/Sports Bar, which seems busy so I actually make some money. Plus its the best named place ever ;)


Yesterday was America's Birthday. Knowing we would never get a carpark Downtown for the 4th July parade we cycled down. It only took about 20 minutes but with way more hills involved than when I drive.

Yay for US

We found a spot on the balcony of The Weatherford Hotel, a great old pub and hotel in Downtown. The parade started from the opposite way I thought it might so all my photos are at a weird angle and mostly from behind the floats....ohh well. It was my first 4th July parade watching and I wore my Remo Southern Cross Tshirt in support.