Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have had a really nice week or so. Which has confirmed that I really like living here, despite it being here.
The weather has been beautiful. Warm days with cool nights. Its less than fun when the wind picks up blowing cinders and dust over everything but have only had a few days like that.

I've been working for Mike as Construction Monkey, getting a tan, muscles and bruises. Just for the record-Nail Gun Best Toy Expensive Serious Work Tool Ever. I really, really need to learn Spanish, I'm looking into the Community College thing. Half the people on the site are Mexican, and even the ones who aren't speak Spanglish half the time. Its kinda cool but I stand there looking blank.

Rob got a flat tire on his Mountain Bike, probably by running over a cactus at some point. So on Saturday afternoon we headed Downtown. We took Darwin with us to see how she would go. Flag is a very dog friendly town. Many of the shops have "Dog Friendly Store" signs and bowls of water out. Even the ones without the signs seem pretty cool with the idea. It took me a while not to stare when seeing dogs walking through shops because most everywhere else its not The Done Thing. Darwin was great, we wandered through several shops and through the streets, checking stuff out, meeting other dogs...cruising. Everyone thinks she is uber cute and go for many pats. We had lunch at this cafe/wine bar on the Square. They have a small fenced off outside area. Dogs aren't allowed inside the fence but we just sat next to it and tied her on the outside. The waitress brought her a bowl of water and I snuck her a few pieces of crostoni and salmon.

Who could not love that face?

We then headed across town to Bookmans, a huge used book/CD/DVD store, which also has free WiFi, Cafe, live music and welcomes dogs. Wandering through the stacks, dog leash in one hand, pile of murder mysteries in the other was a novel experience. Not the murder mystery bit at least. I have read so many in the last few months. I'm dreaming of Ian Rankin, P D James, Jeffery Deaver and Michael Connolly. I could start up my own profiling company or at least go on a serial killing spree. Need to get back into SciFi to give my poor brain a break.
Stocked up on more murder books and the cashier gave Darwin some dog treats.
I love the fact we can do this, we won't bring her every time but is good to know we can and that she is well behaved. I think its a good sign for the nature of the community.

Northern Arizona University mascot. They like to maintain he's a Lumberjack.

We had a rare Saturday night in and had pizza, chardonnay and WOW. It was fun I haven't been playing a huge amount but getting back into the geek groove.

Sunday we took Darwin for a big Mountain Bike ride. The forest near our house is full of trails of all types of terrain and toughness. Darwin sprints along and generally has a ball. I'm really enjoying the biking. I'm still a big woose on steep rocky paths, and will walk down some of them. After hurting my arm and spending 2 months in pain and not being able to use it much I'm still a bit wary.Gus, a happy dog

Sunday afternoon we went and played Ultimate Frizbee at the Uni. They struggle for numbers to get a game going every week. I suggested putting a ad in 'Live' the weekly free paper so we will see it that generates more interest.
It was a beautiful day and we ran around like crazy people for a hour or so. Its all very casual and nobody cares if it all goes pearshaped. One of the guys brought his dog Gus. Gus loves chasing and catching frizbees, and he is good at it. I took some photos cause he looked so happy and got a couple of him on the fly but they are at a distance still, pretty cute I thought.

Gus, Uber Frizbee Hound

Sunday night we had a BBQ and G&T's with the family. Robs dad broke out a 1976 Pinot, which despite being a bit young was bloody good.

1976. A good year. The world was my Super Dooper.

Monday night we went to a silent art auction and live music at the Wine Loft. It was to raise money for the yearly Book Festival. We bid on a few things but didn't win any which was totally fine. The Wine Loft is a great space and we are becoming locals there. Usually grab a bottle and attempt to smite each other at Mancala.

Downtown Flagstaff